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Siwon always stands in the center of Super Junior, why?

If this has been a question to you without a definite answer, it is told today.

In the 1st’s episode of Strong Heart, SS501′s Park Jungmin talked about the positioning of group/band on stage and photoshoots when Leeteuk reacted by saying:

Choi Siwon is Super Junior‘s center man. If only he stands in the center, every member will appear as very good-looking. There was once Eunhyuk took the center and the effect was not really good.

He continued, which drew laughter from the audience:

As we are bigger band with many members, it is not always a good thing after all when you are placed at the center since you will end up being folded.

So how about your favorite idol group? Is there any positioning of idols that you particularly know of and wish to share with us?

Credit: Kissmetriples + hellokpop + xsportsnews