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U-Kiss Photo

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Soohyun’s Cyworld Update

Hi everyone,today I’m going to post several news so I’ll put the trans later….

Real School OST is out ^^
Please love it a lot!!
I personally like the song……kiss me
Last time when I left a Diary entry
It was the first part of the kiss me lyrics ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
A present for kiss me~~~
I really really like the rest of the music^^
I love you
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Soohyun @ MBC 2011 Lunar New Year Special Star Dance Battle

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UKISS @ MBC Idol Star Athletics Championship

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Alexander’s Twitter Update

OMG!  This girl kissed Soohyun 😦  And then every girl in the studio started screaming….specially Miss A 😉

오 마이 야~~~ 널날 MBC 스타대스대격돌 보는대 우리 수현이 @ukissSH 대박!!! ㅠvㅠ)b 수현아~ 널 위해서 사진까지 찍었어~ 고생했어!!!♥*^^*

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Soohyun @ Idol Star Athletics Championship

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U-Kiss at Taiwan Channel [V] Award

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