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U-Kiss Photo

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Soohyun @ News Photo (MBC 2011 Lunar New Year Special Star Dance Battle)

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Kevin @ Ameblo Update (On Air Live Musical)

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Kevin’s Twitter Update

Here’s a bonus selca picture ♥

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Eli, Alexander, Kiseop, Kevin @ Ameblo Update (Made in BS Japan #8 11.24)

I miss them sooo much 😦

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Kevin’s Twitter Update

I’m hungry ㅠㅠ 배고파! ㅋㅋ


YAY!!! My favorite~ PIZZA! haha Thank u mommy! ♥ 내가 재일 좋아하는 피자~~~ㅋㅋ 땡큐 엄마♥

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Deanna’s Twitter Update

Today was Deanna’s birthday(Kevin’s sister).Happy birthday Deanna hope u enjoy this day

Small Birthday Bash with @Kevinwoo91^^ Thank u for the delicious strawberry cake! Some Polaroids to share~~<3 

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