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Alexander’s Twitter Update

LOOK!! I LooOVE this dog!!!♥ Reminds me of ″Inu Yasha (犬夜叉)″!! and Narnia!! Keke~ So cool~! ^-^)b

Of cos I took a pic w/ this cool BIG dog~!♥ Its name is Jang-goon (將軍)~ Ceejay형 @ceejayfresh & 산더가 장군이랑 사진찍었다!♥^-^

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Alexander’s Twitter Update

I’m really an ALIEN. Human Day is not my day. 제가 외계인 맞다니까~ 잘 보세요~ ALIEN registration~ 사전에″ALIEN″찾아보세요~ 외계인~ 헐~~~ㅋㅋ

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Kibum’s Twitter Update

으헝 너무 졸렸어요 ㅜㅜ RT @JUNGYEON1023: 이거보래요 잔다~~

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Alexander’s Twitter Update

OMG!  This girl kissed Soohyun 😦  And then every girl in the studio started screaming….specially Miss A 😉

오 마이 야~~~ 널날 MBC 스타대스대격돌 보는대 우리 수현이 @ukissSH 대박!!! ㅠvㅠ)b 수현아~ 널 위해서 사진까지 찍었어~ 고생했어!!!♥*^^*

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Kiseop’s Twitter Update

He’s cute as always 🙂

In real school^^With 지한

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VJ Isak’s Friend Update

With @kevinwoo91 after the show good job dongseng!!

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Kevin’s Twitter Update

Here’s a bonus selca picture ♥

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