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Siwon always stands in the center of Super Junior, why?

If this has been a question to you without a definite answer, it is told today.

In the 1st’s episode of Strong Heart, SS501′s Park Jungmin talked about the positioning of group/band on stage and photoshoots when Leeteuk reacted by saying:

Choi Siwon is Super Junior‘s center man. If only he stands in the center, every member will appear as very good-looking. There was once Eunhyuk took the center and the effect was not really good.

He continued, which drew laughter from the audience:

As we are bigger band with many members, it is not always a good thing after all when you are placed at the center since you will end up being folded.

So how about your favorite idol group? Is there any positioning of idols that you particularly know of and wish to share with us?

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Park JungMin & “the come back” talk~

Currently promoting his first solo single ‘Not Alone’, Park Jungmin, who is the first amongst the members of SS501 to release a solo album, reveals his thoughts about the group’s temporary farewell. Despite being in different management agencies with SS501, he explains that he and the rest of the members are still in communication and maintaining their friendship.

In an interview, he revealed that he and the rest of SS501 are planning to release an album together with the right opportunity and timing. Furthermore, he was quoted saying,

“We always talk about coming back together among our members. However, rather than cramp those unexpected work together, we wish to put aside 2~3 months to work on it and to release the album on a specific date every year. More than being a virtual promise, this will be an album that fans will be waiting for like their Valentine. The agencies that the members are under all agreed to it. Only those, all of us are still busy with our own activities…”

현재 그의 첫 번째 솔로는 ‘혼자’는 SS501의 멤버들 사이에 솔로 앨범을 발표 처음인데 공원 박정민, 그룹의 일시적인 이별에 대한 그의 생각을 밝히지 단일 추진. SS501와 다른 관리 기관에 빠진에도 불구하고, 자기가하고 회원의 나머지 부분은 의사 소통에 여전히하고 그들의 우정을 유지 설명합니다.
인터뷰에서 그는과 SS501의 나머지 오른쪽 기회와 타이밍과 함께 앨범을 발표할 계획임을 밝혔다. 또한, 그는 말을 인용했다
“우리는 늘 우리의 구성원 간의 함께 돌아오고 이야기. 그러나, 오히려 함께 그 예기치 않은 작품을 쥐보다, 우리는 그 일에 매년 특정 날짜에 앨범을 릴리스 2 ~ 3 개월 접어 두는 게 좋겠어. 더많은 가상 약속 것보다, 이것은 팬들이 자신의 발렌틴처럼 기다리고있을 것이다 앨범 것입니다. 기관은 그 구성원이 모두 동의하에 있습니다. 자만, 우리 모두는 여전히 자신의 활동으로 바쁜 … ”

現在、彼の最初のソロは’はNot Alone’は、SS501のメンバーの中でソロアルバムをリリースする最初のですパクジョンミン、グループの一時的な別れについて自分の考えを明らかに単一の推進しています。 SS501と別の管理機関にいるにもかかわらず、彼は、メンバーの残りの部分は、通信はまだされていることと、彼らの友情を維持する方法について説明します。

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Break Pictures of ss501


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Park Jung Min – haru*hana vol.003


Park Jung Min – new twitter photo update23



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albums all sold out! shelf is empty!
سلام به همگی….خدا رو شکر تونستم بیام نت…
از عکسی که جونگ گذاشته معلومه که همه ی آلبوم هافروخته شده و معلومه که جونگ خیلی خوشحاله…
منم خیلی خوشحالم…

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Park Jung Min – Fanmeet photo (Tom and Jerry moment)


Park Jung Min – Fanmeet with Hyung Jun Pics

It’s time to see Tom and jerry’s pcs…
So nice and Funny….
و این هم تام و جری…لذت ببرید…