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Break Pictures of ss501


Credit: Kissmetriples + soompi


SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, What Are You Trying to Say?!

Just now, Kim Hyung Jun, the magnae from the group SS501 posted something on his twitter that is mysteriously intriguing to netizens worldwide!

He posted a black square!!!!!!? But why?

Within seconds of it being posted, netizens flooded his comment page with concerning comments such as “Oppa! What’s wrong?! Are you alright?!”, and about 80% of the commentators asked if the picture is black by asking stuff like, “Black?!?”, and the other 10% stating that ts is indeed black by saying, “It’s Black!!” in 50 different languages. The remaining rest of the 10% believed that has a higher meaning, such as life, death, or the color of his dog “Choco”…

The Only problem is that Choco is clearly Brown.

Credit: kissmetriples + soompi

Kim Hyung Jun – at Park Jung Min’s FM (news photos)


Kim Hyung Jun – solo album details

Chinese translation: 哈娜 @
English translation:
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[Info][2011.01.22] Kim HyungJun (SS501) solo album details

Korea popular male idol group SS501 member
Kim HyungJun (Maknae)
Anticipated Japan solo activities!!

The forerunner of current K-pop hot wave
Male Idol Group who own the honour of the top popularity in Japan
SS501 member Kim HyungJun (Maknae)
Full of anticipation decided to start solo activities in Japan!!
Maybe you have seen him in SS501
Please anticipate for a brand new Kim HyungJun!!

Kim Hyung Jun
1st Solo E.P.
2011.3.23 Release!!

Movie Disc
2940 yen (incl tax)
[First limited edition special]
Making of MV video clips

Music Disc
CD only
2100 yen (incl tax)
[Bonus TRack]
2 other Japan Main Title song

Photo Disc
Picture CD
2100 yen (incl tax)
[First Limited Edition]
Luxury 16 piece photo set

Pre-order at Kim HyungJun Japan official website or the following websites:

Park Jung Min – Fanmeet photo (Tom and Jerry moment)


Park Jung Min – Fanmeet with Hyung Jun Pics

It’s time to see Tom and jerry’s pcs…
So nice and Funny….
و این هم تام و جری…لذت ببرید…


Park Jung Min – Fanmeet Photo with Hyung Jun

source – twitter