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Kim Hyun Joong – Hotsun Chicken Calender HQ Photos

Credits: babyvfan + kissmetriples


VJ Isak’s Friend Update

With @kevinwoo91 after the show good job dongseng!!

Credits: kissmeukiss + @esnathesinger + kissmetriples

Kevin @ Ameblo Update (On Air Live Musical)

Credits: kissmeukiss +kissmejapan + kissmetriples

Kevin’s Twitter Update

Here’s a bonus selca picture ♥

Credits: @KiSSeop91 + kissmetriples


Kiseop’s Twitter Update

천사가 되어볼까요^^?하하
Credits: kissmeukiss + @KiSSeop91 + kissmetriples

Break Pictures of ss501


Credit: Kissmetriples + soompi

Eli, Alexander, Kiseop, Kevin @ Ameblo Update (Made in BS Japan #8 11.24)

I miss them sooo much 😦

Credits: kissmeukiss + kissmetriples